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Growing Organs in the Lab

Note: this masterclass will be English! 

For many diseases multiple medications are available, but we don’t know beforehand which medication will work for which patient. Imagine you could predict the effects of the medication and potential side effects for each patient by using a living replica of the sick organ in the laboratory. 

Growing miniature organs from a patient’s own cells sounds like something from a science-fiction movie? Then welcome to the movie, because this is actually being developed by researchers right now! 

The Hubrecht Institute invites you to learn more about how mini-organs can be grown from a single cell. We will explore how certain genes regulate the development of stem cells and show you what these mini-organs look like under the microscope. 

In addition, we will learn how mini-organs are already used to test medication for the chronic disease cystic fibrosis, so we can say for which patients a certain medication is likely to work. 

Learn about this new technology, its potential clinical use and also about the multifaceted life of a stem cell researcher. During the day there will be interactive lectures, discussions and a practical, hosted by researchers of the Hubrecht Institute.  

Deze masterclass is voor 5 of 6 vwo’ers met biologie.


Bij deze masterclass zit een voorbereidende opdracht van 3 uur.

Praktische informatie

5 vwo 6 vwo
Maandag 30 januari 2023 van 10:00 - 16:00 uur.
Utrecht Science Park
Ambitie Connectie
Gratis, alleen toegankelijk voor leerlingen van partnerscholen (zie de voorwaarden bij inschrijven)


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